Ilani is Stella and Zuko's daughter as shown in "The Secret of Ilani'".

Princess Ilani
Ilani MagicWinx
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy-bender
Age: 18 (The Secret of Ilani)
Hair color:       Purple
Eye color:       Ocean blue
Stella and Zuko
Ozai, Ursa/Radius, Luna
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  The Finale
Voiced by:
Seychelle Gabriel

Personality and traits

Ilani, like her mother Stella, has a quite big taste in fashion, with all colours and she admires the colour black though she usually wears purple. Ilani is the opposite of Stella – she likes learning while Stella doesn't, she doesn't like flirting while Stella does. She also has a same attitude as Zuko, always confused though her only confusion is whether she should sacrifice herself for the world or stay alive for herself. She'd then sacrificed herself for the world and her secret crush, Mako, gave her a kiss and she was alive again.