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Good news everybody, looks like The Secret of Ilani is coming soon! Make sure to be ready because we will see Ilani, the daughter of Stella and Zuko as she tries to find out if she’s a fairy or a bender! And Jade, the daughter of Helia and Azula. Also let’s see Rosetta and Jake the son and daughter’s of Musa and Aang!


Ilani is the daughter of a fairy and a bender, like Rosetta and Jake. But she doesn’t know whether she is a fairy or a bender unlike Rosetta who is a bender and Jake who is a non-bender. Ilani then asks the  new headmistress of the Alfea college for fairies, Miss Griselda. But however then she finds herself trapped between two problems! First, Ogron and Mai’s daughter, Adelinda the wizard, is trying to seek revenge by hitting on Ilani instead! Second, she must know if she is a fairy or a bender and needs to find 7 gems for just one answer! Will Ilani and her friends stop the two problems?


Jade, the daughter of Azula and Helia (a bender) has now became a singer with a part time job as a horror movie actress. She picks on Patricia, the daughter of Bloom and Sky and a Believix fairy. She picks on her as her mother had always hated Bloom and now her daughter hated the next generation. Jade tries to eliminate Patricia since she heard the story that Bloom and Zuko once dated, and that she was a Skoom and Stuko shipper. Her attempts never failed like Azula.


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