There is always a shipping war between couples. And this are the shipping wars between the couples and made up couples.

Main couples

Stuko - fans known as Stuko-ans is a couple between Stella and Zuko in the crossover. This couple first started off when Stella kissed Zuko in Zuko and Stella - Stuko, Chapter 2. Then when Stella was caring about Zuko. They then eventually became a couple.

Azulaltor - fans known as Azulaltorians is a couple between Azula and Valtor. Valtor does not exist, but the shippers ship them since they both are fire and used.

Hezula - fans known as Hezulaians is a couple between Helia and Azula. It first started off when Helia saved Azula from the Wizards of the Black Circle. They became a couple in the end, but barely hang out together.

Musaang - fans known as Musaangers is a couple between Musa and Aang. It first started since they both love peace and harmony; and became a couple in the end.

Irohgonda - fans known as Irohgondian is a couple between Uncle Iroh and Faragonda. They first started offals being single and old (as said by an Irohgonda fan). They then did not became a couple but best friends (though they did kiss once).

Mairon - fans known as Maironians is a couple between Mai and Ogron. It first started when Mai has shown interest to Ogron by loving all of his plans, then it was said they eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend or maybe married in the final chapter of Love Problems.

Shipping wars

  • Shipping war 1 - the first shipping war was between Stuko and Staang.
  • Shipping war 2 - the second was between Azulaltor and Hezula.