First issue of the Ba Sing Se Times!

Issue 1

User Rights

This where you get to know the user right winner after the vote.

The rollback belongs to..

The bureaucrat belongs to..

Unfortunately, no users got the bureaucrat.

The administrator belongs to..

The chat moderator belongs to..

Unfortunately, no users got the chat moderator.

Helia and Azula: Break-up?!

Helia and Azula were exclusive for a year. But Azula was bored of Helia still talk about the magic sword. They both than started to dislike each other and Azula says she doesn't want to be his girlfriend if he keeps talk about the sword. And then Helia quickly kissed her – but Azula slapped him. Will they break up? Find out in the next issue!

DIA3u Is An Admin!

"I am really happy to become an administrator on this Wiki. Now I can finally help Stuko-forever on this Wiki, since she was the only admin and founder of this Wiki," – DIA3u on the Interview.

Congratulations DIA3u! She is now an admin. You can greet her here.

Magic and Bending Is A Rollback!

"I can't believe people voted for me. I just joined this Wiki, like yesterday but I already won. I hope there will be more rollbacks in this Wiki," – Magic and Bending on the Interview.

Congrats, Magic and Bending! She is now a rollback. You can greet her here.

Stella – when will she confess?

Stella is still lying around the house as Willow. But when will she confess? As much as we know, she promised Tecna she will confess. But when? You just have to wait here.

Next issue: 12th February, 2013