Remember to read the policies– Mai has serious eyes on you!

User Behavior

  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. Vandalism is deleting a large portion of the page without proper reason. If someone becomes a vandal, the admins have the right to block the person for an indefinite amount of time, depending on the severity of the act.
  • Comments on pages are expected to be appropriate. This means that there should be no inappropriate language, the comment should not be irrelevant, and should not be inflammatory. All comments are expected to use decent spelling, grammar and punctuation. Any comments insulting or harassing any users will deleted; such comments will also result in blocks.
  • In the case of an edit war, the two opposing people are expected to solve their problem for themselves. Get a neutral party to give an opinion. If they cannot do that, an admin will step in. Please see our category guide.
  • We do ask that major format changes (such as adding or deleting sections on articles) be run by the community first, to get a consensus. Ask any admin for details.
  • Insulting/slandering other users is not permitted. It is the right of any user to remove, or request the removal of, any comment, blog, forum, or message wall post that is insulting or slanderous to them personally. Harassing users in this way will result in lengthy blocks.

If you are blocked/banned

  • If you are blocked or banned and want to appeal it, please use your message wall on THIS wiki (Winx Club vs Avatar: The Last Airbender Wiki), or contact an Admin on their wall on the Community Central Wiki.
  • If you are blocked/banned on this Wiki, it is NOT appropriate to follow any Admin to another Wiki they work on to protest. This will result in an extended block here.
  • If you are blocked/banned by one of our Admins on another Wiki, do not follow the Admin here to complain. This will result in a block here and possibly an extension on the Wiki in question.

Image Policies

  • Do not upload images from Tumblrs or Seriable.
  • Do not upload images that already exist on the wiki - Please check the gallery you intend to put the image in, and see if the photo already is on the page. Duplicate photos added to a gallery will be deleted from the wiki.
  • If you upload an image, place it in all applicable galleries, and place it in its proper chronological place.

Chat Behavior

  • Do NOT talk about plans.
  • Do NOT talk about shipping.
  • Do NOT tolerate other users.